3 Key Tips When Purchasing Yard Signs For Promotional Purposes


If you're looking for an effective way to market your company's business, you might try yard signs. You can get people to put them in their yards to promote your company's products or services. As long as you consider these tips when buying these signs, they should work out great for marketing purposes. 

Get the Right Size

Sizing is everything when it comes to the effectiveness of yard signs for company promotion. You want the signs to be big enough to where people can see what they say. Otherwise, you're wasting your money on this promotional tactic.

The best way to see if yard signs will be big enough or not is to view them in person. Head to a sign company in your area and look at the sizing options they have available. It's better to err on the side of caution and get a larger sign than small, as it will ensure the sign graphics come through for people that drive by. 

Consider a Custom Design

If you want these yard signs to truly stand out, making people look at them as they pass by, then you should consider a custom design. For these design purposes, start with blank yard signs. 

You can mess around with different graphics and visuals, seeing what will work best for your company. Once you come up with the perfect design, you can have it printed on the yard signs. Then, the yard signs will really have some personality to them. 

Opt for a User-Friendly Base

One of the most important aspects of yard signs for promotional use is the base at the bottom. It needs to be user-friendly because this means people will have an easier time inserting it into the ground around their property. 

Bases with sharp points on the bottom typically work best from an installation standpoint. The point should go into the ground rather easily, in fact. Bases with multiple points are also ideal because they'll give your company yard signs more structure. They thus won't have a tendency of falling over when the weather outside gets a little intense.

More and more companies today are starting to utilize yard signs for promotional purposes. They can really work, too. You just need to choose a set that has the right features. As long as you spend time with the search process, finding these types of yard signs won't prove difficult. For more information, talk to a sign company about blank yard signs.


10 February 2020

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