These Sign Images Will Help People To Instantly Recognize Your Gym


When people open gyms, they often think of catchy names that people will remember. There's no denying that doing so is important, but it's also critical to come up with a sign that people will quickly recognize as they travel in the vicinity of your location. Regardless of the name of your gym, certain images can immediately let people know that you're in the business of helping people to build healthy, stronger, and slimmer bodies. Talk to your custom sign company about incorporating one of the following types of images into the sign you'll display outside of your gym.


One of the most iconic images that people closely associate with gyms is a set of barbells. Before someone even has the time to read the sign that hangs outside of your location, he or she may have a clear idea of the nature of your business because of seeing a set of barbells on your sign. There are many different ways that your sign company can include this image on your business's sign. Whether you choose a sign that is shaped like a barbell, you have one end of a barbell protruding from each side of your lettering, or you come up with another creative approach, this can be an effective image to use.


One or two muscular arms can also be a good image choice for a gym's sign. Like using barbells, this is an image that people will quickly recognize and associate with a fitness center. Your sign company can talk to you about some different ways to incorporate muscular arms into your sign. One option is to design the sign so that it appears as though the arms are holding up the name of your gym. You might even favor the name of the gym being on a slight arc, similar to how a barbell arcs when it's loaded with heavy weights at each end.

Stick Figures

Don't discount the value of using simple stick figures on your gym's sign. Stick figures are present on all sorts of signs in your community, meaning that people are used to seeing these figures and identifying the meaning behind them — even when words aren't necessarily present. For a gym sign, you'll definitely want your stick figures to be active looking. For example, you might choose to have one figure that is running, another that is jumping, and another that is lifting weights high overhead.

To learn more about outdoor signage, reach out to a local custom sign company. 


13 February 2020

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