How To Make Your A-Frame Sign More Effective


The sign on your business plays an important role in drawing new customers in. However, if you have a sidewalk near your business, an a-frame sign is a great supplemental sign that can draw even more traffic into your business. You might recognize the a-frame sign. It's often used by restaurants and cafes to advertise the latest deals. However, it can be used to serve a range of purposes. To make your a-frame sign as effective as possible, there are several things to keep in mind.

Attract Roadside Traffic

A-frame signs, also called sidewalk signs or sandwich signs, are often seen as being signs designed for attracting pedestrian traffic. However, these signs should actually be used for both pedestrian traffic and road traffic. Make sure to use lettering that is large enough to attract customers.

Rotate Your Signs

Remember to rotate your sign to keep up with daily deals and specials. These will draw customers in and give them an excuse to try your business. Customers often purchase products in a habitual way, but you can break this habit by encouraging them to try your business.

Stress Benefits

Keep in mind what your customers want and stress a key benefit. In many cases, the key benefit is a discounted product or service. For example, you may temporarily lower the price of your sandwiches to encourage customers to try them.

Provide Useful Information

Add depth to your business with an a-frame design. There might be something that you'd want your customers to know. For example, customers might not understand the nature of the services provided by your business, especially if you are offering a new type of service, and custom signage can provide a place to offer details. However, keep these details short and to-the-point so customers can easily read them. 

A-frame signs can serve other purposes as well. For example, if you don't want customers to use a particular door, you can clarify this on the sign. If there are any safety concerns, the a-frame sign can warn the customer of this. A common example is a wet floor sign.

Use High-Quality Signs

Always hire a professional custom sign company. You will want a sign that matches your branding efforts. If the sign is not the same color and doesn't use the same font as the rest of your branded materials, you will dull its impact. Also, you will want a high-quality a-frame sign that will reflect well on your business.


19 February 2020

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