2 Reasons To Retrofit The Lights On Your Business Sign


Was the sign for your business installed many years ago? If it is a bit old, the lights attached to the sign may be outdated, dim, and wasting a lot of energy that is costing you big time. Instead of paying for the cost of an entirely new sign with lights, you can have the sign's lights retrofitted. During this process, old lights are removed and replacement lights are installed. The replacements are not just brighter, but they are also energy-efficient and practical for business owners to use.

You Can Conserve a Lot of Energy and Spend Less to Keep Your Sign Lit

You have likely noticed that your energy costs are increasing each month instead of going down. It is frustrating when you have a set budget that you want to stick to for your business. One of the reasons you have such a high energy bill could be due to the outdated sign that relied on old fluorescent lighting fixtures instead of LED bulbs. If you are looking to conserve and save thousands of dollars each year while still keeping your sign bright and shiny enough to get attention from consumers, you can have the sign retrofitted at an affordable rate. The retrofitting process is far cheaper than getting a full replacement sign for your business.

You Can Make Sure Your Sign Stands Out a Lot More

Those old lights that are attached to your sign may be dull and yellow, causing your store sign to look like it is covered in dust or dirt. The lights might not be bright enough for some people to read the sign to see the name of your business or any other details that you might have included on the sign. However, if you do have the retrofitting process completed, you can make sure your sign stands out much more with lights that are a bright white color instead of a dingy yellow color that takes away from the colors and designs on your sign.

You should retrofit the lights on your business to make the sign look better without having to completely replace it. Aside from looking a lot better, the new bulbs that you get installed will be energy-efficient, which means you can avoid wasting an excessive amount of energy while still making sure that your sign is shining brightly at night for everyone to see. It also means you can save some extra cash. If you want to have this process completed, you will need to hire sign contractors that know how to handle the retrofitting process.

To learn more, contact a sign light retrofitting company.


20 February 2020

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