Using Fabric Displays As Part Of Your Marketing Efforts


Marketing displays can be among the most effective tools for advertising products and services. However, individuals often assume that vinyl displays will always be the best option for this marketing tool. In reality, SEG fabric displays can offer a range of advantages over plastic or vinyl displays.

Are Fabric Displays Durable?

Individuals might assume that the fabric will be at a much greater risk of ripping or tearing than vinyl. However, fabric displays can actually be far more durable than vinyl options due to the fact that the fabric can be much thicker and made of stronger materials. As a result, fabric can be an excellent choice for those that need especially large displays made as the stronger fabric will be able to support the higher weight of these larger displays. In contrast, vinyl displays will need more supports and bracing in order to prevent the vinyl from warping as a result of this weight.  

Will It Be Difficult To Set Up A Fabric Display?

Concerns about the difficulty of setting up and taking down these displays can weigh heavily on business leaders that are considering their options. While it might seem as though a fabric display will be far more difficult to set up and take down, it can actually be the opposite as these systems can be easily deployed by one or two workers. Furthermore, the fabric may be less likely to develop creases in it that will take away from its appearance, which will also reduce the need for workers to spend time and energy removing these creases from the display.

Can You Change The Fabric That Is On The Display?

Over time, you will likely want to change the display. Luckily, this will usually not require you to invest in an entirely new display rig as the fabric display sign will be able to be removed from the frame. This will allow for you to swap out the displays as needed, but you will want to make sure that you have a suitable storage area for the unneeded display. Otherwise, it could suffer damage that may ruin it for future use. When choosing a storage area, you will mainly need to ensure that the display will be protected from moisture exposure and pests. Moisture can leave stains on the display, and it may even cause it to rot. Due to this serious threat, you may want to place humidity control packets with the sign as this will prevent condensation from forming on the display.


21 February 2020

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