Types Of Organizations That Should Use State-Shaped Signs


If you lead an organization in a state that has an easily recognizable shape, you may wish to think about using this shape in your branding. In particular, think about having the sign outside of your business made in the shape of your state. This is an idea that can definitely help your sign to stand out, and when someone notices the sign, he or she will think about your business. In many cases, this could actually lead to people deciding to visit your location, simply because the shape of your sign caught their eye. Here are some types of organizations that should use state-shaped signs.

Tourist-Focused Products

If your business is all about selling products to tourists, a state-shaped sign will be a good idea to pursue. Tourists who have recently arrived in your state may be looking for a place to buy souvenirs that will remind them of their visit. If many of the stores around you have conventional sign shapes — rectangular or oval, for example — your state-shaped sign will undoubtedly stand out to motorists in the area. Someone who identifies this shape and reads the sign's wording may make a point of stopping to shop with you.

Food Companies

There are scenarios in which a food company can benefit from a state-shaped sign. Certain states have close connections with food and drink. For example, someone who sees the Texas state shape might think of beef, while someone who notices a California state shape may think about the state's wine industry. If you run such a business in one of these locations, it can be advantageous to think about having your custom sign company produce your business sign to reflect the shape of your state.


In some scenarios, it may be appropriate for a school to have a state-shaped sign. A common reason to take this approach is because of your athletics department. For example, if your school has won multiple state championships in a number of sports, you might like to show your pride for this accomplishment. One way to achieve this goal is to change the sign outside of your school into one that is shaped like your state. You'll also want to add some wording to the sign that reflects your pride in this accomplishment. Such a sign can quickly become a source of pride for staff, students, and members of the community alike.

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25 February 2020

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