What To Look For In A Headstone Surround


Rather than covering the full length of the grave, one option is to use a headstone surround. This structure only maintains the front of the headstone and can save you money. The surround is a line of stone that creates a rectangular boundary for the burial site. There are several factors to consider when choosing a headstone surround.

Consider the Cemetery 

Before you begin customizing your headstone monument, make sure that you will be allowed to do so. Some cemeteries require that you purchase a headstone directly from them, while others allow you to choose a headstone from a third party. This might factor into the cemetery that you choose to lay your loved one to rest in. 

Imagine How You Want the Headstone to Look

One of the advantages of a headstone surround is that it provides you with more opportunities for customization for the grave. The hollow found between the headstone and the surround can be filled with grass, greenery, stones, or soil. 

Surrounds can range in size, with some surrounds being the size of one plot and others being as large as eight plots. Find out what the maximum number of plots is that the cemetery will allow so that you can remain in compliance. 

The surround can be customized to match the shade and shape of the headstone so that it looks as if it was designed by the same company. Therefore, you have flexibility with who you hire to design both. The surround is usually made of concrete and is reinforced by steel. Alternatives to concrete are granite and stone. Granite is a very durable material that is resistant to weathering. Concrete is chosen sometimes because it has a very low maintenance cost. Stone is chosen because it can look very striking. 

Consider Which Features You Want

There are several options for how you can design the surround. You could choose rounded or square corners. You can choose to add a footpath. The sides can be finished with a plaster finish. Try to envision the ideal headstone for your loved one and contact a custom headstone monument company to find out if they will be able to make your vision a reality. 

When you use a headstone surround, you will save time because a surround keeps your headstone tidy and will make it less expensive to maintain the grave. If you choose to grow vegetation within the surround, it will be easier to keep the vegetation from spreading to unwanted areas. Therefore, a headstone surround might be worth looking into.


25 February 2020

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