Design Tips For Making Your Ceiling Dangler Signs Stand Out


If you've decided to order some ceiling dangler signs from a local custom sign company, you'll want to provide specific instructions about how you want the signs to look. A sign company's graphic artist can turn your idea into a product, but you'll need to give him or her a vision for the types of signs that you'll suspend from the ceiling at your business. While the content of each ceiling dangler sign may influence how you want it to look, here are some design tips that can help your signs to stand out.

Choose A Three-Sided Design

Many businesses use two-sided ceiling dangler signs, but there's a lot more value in choosing a design that has three sides. Not only is this type of sign bulkier and thus easier to spot, but its design means that people can easily see and read the sign from different vantage points throughout your business. There are different ways to choose the content for a three-sided ceiling dangler sign, but a good choice is to choose a different design for each face of the sign. This way, if the sign slowly rotates due to air currents, someone who is standing in one position will get to see each side of the sign.

Consider A Unique Shape

Talk to your custom sign provider about a unique shape for your ceiling dangler sign. While a lot of businesses simply use square or rectangular signs, there's a lot more value in choosing something with a unique shape. For example, you might opt for a shape that represents one of the products that you sell in your store. If you have a deal on soda that you're advertising with your ceiling dangler sign, it makes sense for the sign to be shaped like a soda bottle.

Use Bold Images And Text

Part of the reason to choose ceiling dangler signs for your business it that people can see them from a considerable distance. Given this fact, it's important to design your signs with bold images and text. There's little value in someone being able to see the sign from across your store if they are not able to read it because of the small font size. Large, easily recognizable images and a few eye-catching words will be effective. In the case of using signs to publicize a soda sale, something such as "$1 Soda" is far catchier than a longer phrase that explains your promotion.


26 February 2020

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