Imagery That Can Augment A Hot Sauce Store's Sign


When you run a hot sauce store, there's a good chance that you do lot of your business online. The popularity of hot sauce means that you have the potential to reach customers from across the country. That said, you also want to attract local customers into your retail space to browse your products and, hopefully, make some purchases. A catchy sign outside of your location can excite people and lead them to visit your hot sauce store. The wording and color of the sign can be valuable, but the right imagery can really make your sign stand out. Here are some imagery ideas to consider.


There are few types of imagery that relate better to hot sauce than flames; when you look at the various products that you sell, many of the bottles likely have flames on them in some manner. Choosing flames for your business sign can be effective for giving it visual appeal. This is especially true if you invest in a sign that has a unique shape. For example, instead of getting a rectangular sign that has some flames on it, consider a sign that is actually shaped like some flames. Red and orange elements on this sign, especially if they're lit up, can further attract attention.


Another effective type of imagery to use on your hot sauce store's sign is that of hot peppers. There are many different types of hot peppers, so it's important to choose one that has an instantly recognizable appearance. Many people view hot peppers as being red, long, and thin, so this type of imagery can be more effective than something that is squat and round, for example. You have the option of ordering a sign with a shape that is shaped like a hot pepper, but even including cartoon-style images of this spicy food on your sign will be effective.


When you look at the various bottles of hot sauce that you sell, you may see some variation in shape. Generally, though, hot sauce bottles are somewhat tall and thin. A lot of people associate this shape with hot sauce, so this can be effective imagery to use on your retail store's sign. One option is a conventional sign shape that has a bottle shape attached to the end of it. For example, you might select a sign that is rectangular but that has a bottle-shaped addition on one side. When your sign company makes the bottle red, it will further tie into the hot sauce theme.

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26 February 2020

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