Have A Custom Sign Company Produce These Signs For Inside Of Your Musical Instrument Store


When you run a store that sells musical instruments, you'll want a sign outside of the building to catch people's attention. A custom sign company can produce an outdoor sign to meet your specifications, but you'll also want to think about what interior signs you need. Interior signs are valuable in a number of ways and can give your store a professional, organized appearance for your customers. Here are some interior signs that you'll want to order through your custom sign company.

Store Sections

If your musical instrument store is large, a number of signs that direct customers to the store's specific sections will be helpful. There are all sorts of sign designs to consider, but signs that hang from the ceiling can be valuable in this application. Signs that read "Guitars," "Keyboards," or "Drums," and that reference other types of musical instruments that you carry will help customers to identify where they need to go upon entering. You may wish to get creative with your custom sign company when designing these signs. For example, you might favor a guitar-shaped sign to represent the store's guitar section.

Ask For Help

In most music stores, customers are free to try out many of the instruments that catch their eyes — with an exception. Often, stores don't want customers handling the higher-end instruments without supervision. Depending on how accessible these instruments are, you may want to have a few signs that encourage your patrons to ask for help. For example, a sign might read, "Please ask for assistance before handling the guitars on this wall." You can mount this sign to the wall near the guitars in question, placing it in a position where it will be difficult for your shoppers to miss.

New Arrivals

Musical instrument stores will often group their newest instruments in certain areas — for example, hanging the guitars that have recently arrived at the store in a group together on a wall. If you take this approach, a sign that relays this information can be useful. Simple wording such as "New Arrivals" or "New This Month" can catch shoppers' attention when they enter the store. Musicians are often keen on seeing the latest instruments to hit the market in person, so making it clear to your customers where to find these products will be helpful. Work with your sign company on these custom sign ideas and on any other signs you need.

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10 March 2020

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