Signage That Will Aid Those With Disabilities


The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that people who are handicapped are treated fairly. A bind, deaf, crippled, or mentally-challenged person may have difficulty perceiving standard signage. For high volume areas, parking lots, and offices or corridors that may be difficult to locate, ADA signage should be displayed so that people with disabilities will have access to all of the services that are offered at your business.

Custom or Uniform

ADA signage must meet mandated guidelines that are enforced nationwide. Signs should contain two distinct colors, large letters that are easy to read, raised lettering or braille, and a large, non-glossy surface. You can either purchase standard signage that correlates to the services or marked areas that you want to alert the public to or you can choose custom signage, which will include specific titles or messages that pertain solely to your business.

For instance, if you have decided that you want to make your office area more user friendly and plan on adding a department name along the front of a door or a cubicle, order ADA signage that will contain this information.

Pictures can be added to a sign, which could aid someone who may be confused about how to handle an emergency situation that would require exiting the building immediately. A simple design that is easy to understand and that won't interfere with any lettering will be your best option. 

Adequate Placement and Routine Cleaning

Special signage is not the only way that you can aid your handicapped clients. You may have ramps, safety rails, automatic doors, and other items installed that will make it easier for people to access your building and these features can be intertwined with the signs. If you have a ramp that is currently unmarked, install an ADA sign nearby. If you have a special entryway that is designated for people with disabilities to use, hang signage from this door.

Be mindful that some people will be facing more challenges than others and may be required to use a walker or wheelchair. Hang signage so that it is low enough for each of your visitors to see. Keep the signage in excellent shape by having your maintenance crew clean off the signs on a regular basis. A damp, soapy cloth can be used to remove mud, dirt particles, grass blades, and other common outdoor or indoor materials that could obstruct the lettering or pictures that are printed on signage.


24 June 2020

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