Options For Channel Letter Signs


Channel letter signs are quickly becoming an industry standard, especially on retail establishments where clean lettering is desired over the old-style clunky rectangular frames. Channel letters consist of an individual sign for each letter or logo, with the letters custom-designed to meet your company's branding and font. The following are a few of the things that must be considered when designing these signs.


There are four common locations where these signs are placed — roof, parapet, marquee, or wall. Roof signs are installed above the edge of the roof so they are visible above the roof edge. A parapet sign is installed on the roof edge, and it is sometimes angled downward for better street visibility. Marquee signs are installed on a marquee or canopy, and wall signs are obviously installed on a solid wall. Your business may benefit from more than one of these options, particularly if it is located on a street corner.


Once the location is determined, you must choose from one of two common mounting methods. A flush mount is common, with each letter mounted directly to the building and an individual power lead attached to each letter. A raceway mount is also common, in part because it requires minimal wall penetrations. For a raceway, a mount is first attached to the wall, and then the letters are attached to the mount and the power supply is also run through the mount. A wireway mount is a sturdier version of the raceway, and it may be used when the letters will protrude above the walls, such as for a roof installation.


Modern channel letter signs are almost always illuminated by long-lasting and low-energy LEDs. The most common lighting method is face-lit, which means the light is inside the letter and it shines through the translucent facing of the sign. Backlit is also an option. A backlit sign has an opaque facing and the light instead emanates from behind each letter, creating an image in the negative. You can also order channel letters with a combination of the two illumination options, with one color showing through the face and a contrasting color backlighting the sign.


The facing is almost always made from either an acrylic or a polycarbonate plastic. The facing will be translucent for a face-lit sign and opaque for a backlit sign. In some cases, you may also be able to opt for a metal channel letter sign, but this is only suitable if the sign will be solely back lit.

Contact a company that offers channel letter sign design services to learn more.


3 September 2020

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