Why You Should Consider Retrofitting The Lights Inside Your Commercial Signs


Most businesses will have at least one sign with lights inside of it at the front of their property. For businesses that have been around for many years, it is not uncommon for these lights to go unchanged even as they burn out and stop working entirely. However, these old lights are not indicative of what modern sign lights are like anymore. LED's have replaced older versions and are far better in every conceivable facet. Here are a few reasons why there has never been a better time to consider sign light retrofitting for your business.

Less Expensive To Run

Modern light bulbs are much more efficient about how they use electricity, which means that they can cut down on their usage while maintaining the same level of brightness (or even brighter). This is the same reason why car headlights are changing and how street lights have seemingly gotten brighter in the last twenty years. These lights have largely been swapped out for modern variants that are just so much more powerful that the comparison is like night and day. If you want your sign to be visible at all hours of the day and night without paying a fortune in electricity costs then you should at least consider sign light retrofitting.

Fewer Repairs

There is nothing more annoying than having to go through the process of removing the sign at the front of your business so that you can change out the lights and make sure that it works once again. LED lights are longer lasting and require less maintenance than previous generations, which means that the time between changes can be several years. In some cases, LED's have lasted well over a decade. This also explains why these lights cost more, and why the cost over time is much more justifiable than it seems at the beginning. 

Switch It Up

If you are considering sign light retrofitting then you are likely thinking about updating your business's look and trying to make it more modern. You do not have to go for the same design as you just had, but rather you can change the colors, make a new design, increase the number of lights, or whatever it is you want. Sign light retrofitting is your chance to put a new spin on your business all while you are also reducing costs and making it easier for your customers to see and read your signage. 


15 April 2021

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