Why You Need Power Pole Tags


Utility poles, often referred to as power poles, are very tall poles that support the lines used for internet, cable, landlines, and electricity. As most of these lines are above ground, you can easily find thousands of utility poles in a city and millions around the United States.

With so many utility poles out there, it is essential to be able to identify who owns the pole and what utility lines the pole supports. This can be achieved with power pole tags that contain detailed information, such as the owner's name and a barcode to store detailed information about the pole.

1. Helps With Asset Identification

One of the primary reasons to have power pole tags on all utility poles is to identify assets. With a tag, anyone can come up to a pole and figure out who owns it. That is useful when there is an issue with the tag.

If you own utility poles, you can use tags as part of your asset management program. You can create custom power pole tags that have barcodes and are color-coded so that you can store important information about each asset. This way, when you are out in the field, you can easily pull up information about the asset by scanning the barcode.

2. Track Maintenance and Upkeep

With power pole tags that contain a barcode, you can easily track maintenance and upkeep for each pool. When a utility worker comes upon the tag, they can scan it and access important information. If any changes or maintenance is done, that can also be entered into the record via the barcode, depending on what you connect the barcode to. You can connect the barcode to a system that allows for information to be added.

3. Cost Management

With a power pole tag, you can also help to manage the cost of taking care of all of your utility poles. With the right tags, you can more easily track the maintenance and care of your poles. When something goes wrong, such as a storm brings down one of your poles, you can easily be contacted via the information on the tag and address the issue. This can help you manage your costs by allowing you to maintain your utility poles more effectively and will allow you to respond when something happens to your poles.

Power pole tags are useful for utility poles because they provide information about who owns the pole and can be equipped with barcodes that can be used to store additional information about the pole and the lines connected to it. Proper tags with working barcodes can make it easier to manage assets, track maintenance, and keep ownership costs under control.


15 July 2021

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