Things to Consider When Marking Locations in Your Building to Improve Safety


Marking the emergency exits and paths out of your building with clear signs is vital. Powered exit signs are nice, but when the power is out, using photoluminescent exit signs allows people to still see the path clearly, to get to safety. 

Exit Signs

There are a few things to consider when placing exit signs around your building. The first thing is to place them where they are easy to see, which often means high on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. 

Secondly, these signs need to be visible in the dark, but if the power is out, they won't work, so using photoluminescent exits signs in place of illuminated ones means the signs are always glowing even when the lights go out. High-quality signs can be placed in multiple locations, and they don't use any energy, so you can use them wherever you need them. 

Installations are easy because there is no wiring to install, and if you need to change the location of a sign, you can do it easily without affecting any other part of your infrastructure. The photoluminescence exit signs will glow in all lighting conditions, making them extremely visible when they are needed most.

Alternative Sign Locations

When you are looking for ways to mark the exits and evacuation routes out of your building or facility, using photoluminescent exit signs along the bottom edge of the walls is a great way to add additional safety to any building. If a fire breaks out in the building, creating a heavy smoke condition, those signs near the floor will be the most visible and can should people how to exit. 

The signs can indicate the exit or could be marked with the path to a safe zone or meeting place to gather for evacuations. The photoluminescent sheets used in the signs will last for years, and they do not require any special disposal in most cases. 

You can also use these signs to mark doors or emergency escape windows that are alternative exits if you can't get out of the building any other way. Talk to the sign manufacturer to determine what signs they have available to meet your needs.

Custom Signs

Some sign companies can make custom photoluminescent exit signs for you. Adding information or arrows to the signs is often essential. If there is other information required for the sign to work for your situation, the sign shop can typically add it during the manufacturing process. 

The cost of customs signs may be higher than standard photoluminescent exit signs. Still, if they do the job more effectively, it is often worth the added cost to ensure the safety of people in your facility or building. 


30 November 2021

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