Three Qualities That Make Homemade Wood Signs The Best Choice


Wooden signs have been around for ages, and their thrill never fades. There has been noticeable advancement in the technology used to make wood signage. For instance, CNC machines and laser engraving are current technological solutions producing versatile homemade wood signs. You can use engraving, distressing, painting, or embossing while working on wood. These techniques will help you have elegant, bold, rustic, and contemporary signage.

Here are three qualities that make wood signage a good choice.

Classical and timeless touch

Homemade wood signs are classical and have a timeless touch. If you want traditional signage loved in modern times, use wood. The beautiful wood grains and earthy tones make this material a perfect choice.

If you desire to be associated with elegance, sophistication, and class, have custom-crafted wood signs in your home and office. Wood can connect you to Mother Nature. This feature makes such signage a perfect gift to a special person. You will never regret having this type of gift during a wedding ceremony, graduation event, or birthday party. It is also an ideal gift during a corporate event.

Strong and durable

Wood is sturdy and durable. Homemade wood signs are an appropriate investment that will serve you for years. They offer the best service if used indoors. If you have signs located outdoors, ensure they are under shelter when the weather becomes harsh to ensure longevity.

There are cases where your signage must remain outdoors. These cases make use of Redwood a necessity. This kind of wood has a natural ability to resist decay and moisture intake. You should apply a protectant coat on wood that does not naturally protect itself from elements to help them survive outdoors.


Hand-made wood signs are versatile. This trait is adopted from the versatility wood has as signage material. An artist can play around with this material to achieve the desired finish. Kindly use sandblasting to get the texture you love. On the other hand, play around with carving to get the lettering and edges you want. Additionally, your artist can customize your cuts to have varied edges and corners.

The versatility extends to the paint varieties applied to the final signage. You can add any paint to the signage to suit your needs.

Lastly, custom homemade wood signs are professional. This trait is evident by the corporates and high-end spaces' thirst for this signage. Entities pay heavily to have wood signs in their facilities, and wealthy individuals buy these signs to spice up their homes.


24 March 2022

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