A Vinyl Banner Is An Easy And Attractive Custom Sign To Get For Your Shop


One of the easiest types of custom signs to get is a vinyl banner. These are quick to have made, and they're easy to install. You can hang these signs inside or outside of your store, and you can also customize them for the season or for special events. Here are tips for buying one of these custom signs for your shop.

Consider The Size

The larger the sign, the easier it is to see. However, a big sign is also more difficult to work with to install by yourself. Consider if you want to draw in traffic from the street or if you just want a sign for shoppers in your parking lot and that walk by your shop. You might choose a large rectangular banner to go over the entrance to your shop, or you could choose a smaller square sign to place on a window.

Think About The Installation

Vinyl banners are usually made with grommets. When you install them, you pass a cord through all of the grommets and hang the banner from your building or poles. The grommets make the banner stable in wind, and the pressure is evenly distributed to prevent ripping and other damage.

However, if you're hanging your custom sign indoors or in a protected place, you may want a different installation method, especially if you don't have any poles for mounting the sign. Poles are a good option to use though since you can have your custom sign printed on both sides if you want. When your sign is mounted on a pole, both sides can be seen, whereas only one side is visible when you mount the vinyl banner on a wall.

Create The Design

Designing your custom sign is one of the most important aspects of making your vinyl banner. You may need to work with a designer at the sign shop to get ideas. You'll want your shop name and logo at the very least. A nice benefit of having a custom sign made is that you can put anything on the banner you want.

Banners can be made in full color, so you can have vector images of items that represent your shop or that reflect the season. However, you probably don't want the design to detract from getting your message seen. You'll want your shop name and hours of operation to be clearly visible.

The sign shop may create a proof first that you can view and decide if that's the sign you want. If you're certain of your design, you may want to skip the proof and speed up the process of having your sign made. You could have the sign company install your custom sign for you, or you can install it yourself if you know how.


7 June 2022

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