What Makes A Great Custom Sign?


Signs are among the most basic tools for businesses and organizations to communicate to the public. Custom signs can take this work to another level, but what makes a particular sign great? Here are four things that distinguish the best custom-built signs from the rest.

Consistent Branding

One of the easiest mistakes to make with custom-built signs is going off your brand. While you may want to create something that's fun and different from your usual boilerplate logos and marketing package, the brand still has to be there.

If a viewer can't instantly pick up your logo or the colors of your brand when they look at a sign, they're going to have a hard time making the connection. This is especially true if the sign is only visible for a few seconds, such as when people are driving down roadways in busy areas. Do everything in your power to ensure your custom signs hold onto strong branding elements that are instantly recognizable.

Standing Out

Something has to make your custom signs grab the viewer's eye before a competitor's signage does. There are lots of ways to stand out. The simplest is to just make your sign bigger. You could also employ bright colors and lights, or a distinctive mascot. Even unusual shapes can allow custom-built signs to stick out in a marketing landscape full of rectangles and ovals.


Good signage always has a purpose. Wayfinding is a classic purpose for a sign. A theme park might use its famous mascot as a wayfinding tool. People traveling there will pick up on the signs because they recognize the character. The theme park can then have the character's visage pointing in the direction of the parking lot and ticket booths.

Look at every proposed sign and ask what it does to benefit the customer. A truck stop's signs will usually include fuel prices, for example. If the audience doesn't get anything from the sign, you might want to rethink its purpose and resign it accordingly.

Long-Term Value

Unless you have a huge budget for custom signs, you're probably going to want to get years if not decades of service from them. Consequently, the signs should have long-term value. Try to avoid seasonal themes unless you run a fundamentally seasonal business, for example. Avoid overloading the signs with information that could change soon, unless you have easy access to the location and can take the time to do it. Maximize long-term value by making your custom signs as timeless as possible. 


29 August 2022

Just Give Me a Sign!

How many signs have you already seen today? You've probably seen so many you can't even begin to count. You passed numerous street signs on the way to work. There were several different signs at the coffee shop where you stopped for a morning cup, and then you walked past a handful of signs on your way into your office. Signs make the world go 'round. They also do a great job of conveying information. We hope this website does a good job of conveying information, too. All of the information collected here is somehow related to signs, and we think you'll enjoy it.