Create A Unique Look With Custom Backlit Fabric Displays


Looking for a way to create a unique look for your business? Consider backlit fabric displays. These custom displays are perfect for showcasing products, events, and more in an exciting, eye-catching way. 

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few things you need to know about customizing your backlit fabric display.

Choose the Right Material 

When it comes to backlit fabric displays, you have a variety of materials to choose from. Depending on your style, you can opt for a translucent fabric that is light-permeable or a white diffusing fabric. Both options can be customized to create the perfect look for your backlit fabric display.

If you opt for the translucent fabric, you can print custom images directly onto it. This is a great way to make your display truly unique and one-of-a-kind. If you choose the white diffusing fabric, you can pair it with textured backlighting for an out-of-this-world look.

Decide on Graphics and Lighting 

Graphics and lighting combined can be a great way to customize backlit fabric displays. A custom graphic design will help your brand stand out and capture the attention of potential customers. With the right graphics, you can create an inviting and memorable display that tells a story and communicates key messaging. 

For instance, you can create a patterned or textured graphic that adds depth to your display and brings out the different colors. You may also opt for a large graphic that covers the entire display and can be seen from far away.

As far as lighting goes, you have a few options to choose from. You can use a backlight or edge light system to create an illuminated display that looks stunning in the dark. This effect will bring your graphics and messages to life and create a truly eye-catching look for your business. Alternatively, you can opt for a light box, which creates an illuminated display that is bright and visible from any angle. 

Additionally, advanced remote dimming controls allow for the perfect brightness level to fully eliminate glare for an optimal viewing experience. You could also use bright LED strips to give your display an added pop of color. 

Since backlit fabric displays are customizable, it's easy to create a truly unique and eye-catching look. With the right material, graphics, and lighting, you can create a display that will help your business win over customers. 

If you're ready to start customizing your backlit fabric display, contact a professional for help. They'll be able to walk you through the entire process and ensure that your display is a show-stopper. For more information about backlit fabric displays, reach out to a local service.


31 March 2023

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